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WildWood Is From...

WildWood is from…

A dream.

A wild idea.

A hope that there is another way…

“You do not have to be good…

only love what you love,

meanwhile, the

Holy Wild Geese announce your place in the family of things.”

WildWood is from a long history of

religious dissenters,


radical resistance

and conscience objection.

Wild roots that run 315 years deep,

along the frigid Eider River in Germany,

believers baptism,

an act of political defiance,

learning the name “dunkers”,

but not the donuts.

WildWood is a new generation of nonconformity and resistance.

We’re in the good company of

the one who flipped the tables,

and a woman named Harriet Livermore, who could preach any man under the table.

We are the legacy of the one who made a mockery of imperialism by riding a donkey,

And a man and a heifer and a plan to feed the war-ravaged nations.

We stand with generations of prophetic voices shouting and singing into the void,

until the spirit moves in our midst and

the void reverberates in four-part-harmony.

WildWood if from hateful rhetoric,

dictatorial efforts to conform or be condemned,

of harmful silencing, talking-about but never to

of turn their backs and

“If I’d known who you were, I wouldn’t have shaken your hand…”

Closeted support isn’t support,

“hide it under a bushel,”

No, we’re gonna let it shine!

Shine and sparkle!

WildWood is

glitter and ash

finger-paint and protests

washing feet with love,

and fertile soil on our hands

We’re from the kitchen table and the bookstore,

the art gallery and the yoga studio,

we’re the church in the wild.

A wild theology,

queer, liberation, feminist,

mystic, eco, poetic,

learning and unlearning,

lived and living,

reimagined and reclaiming.

WildWood comes from

us, you and me,

a wide and wild community and supporters

We are WildWood,

showing up exactly as we are,

and exactly as we are becoming,

whole and holy.

Written in the style of George Ella Lyons, "I Am From..."

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