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WildWood Gathering seeks to create safe space to explore spirituality, faith, what we believe and our ideas about God. We're church for people who have given up on church or who think church isn't for them. 

We began in March 2016 supported by the Pacific Northwest District of the Church of the Brethren. A small social justice and peace focused denomination that is eager to support new ways of being church. 

Of course, it takes money to get a new church off the ground. We think it is important to pay our pastor for her time, we pay for the space we use and occasionally we buy sidewalk chalk and fingerprints. As we continue to grow we are eager to give back to our community and support local organizations too. If you believe that WildWood Gathering is an important faith community, consider supporting us. Your financial contributions will directly support our new ministry and are tax-deductible. If you add WildWood Gathering as a part of your monthly giving, we will thank you with postcard updates and much appreciation! 

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