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What's Important & How We Make it Happen

These colorful graphics (that I spent WAY too much time creating) are highlights of the values, ideas, insight shared in the recent survey. Organized in no particular order, “What’s Important” reflects what the highest number of people said were important. “WildWood Is…” is a snapshot of some of the responses from individual experiences of this community.


All of these help us decide how we use our resources. Money, of course, but also our highly valuable time, skills, knowledge and experiences. Because budgets can be overwhelming, this visual budget shows the big picture and helps us understand the details of our community in full technicolor. “$$$ What’s Important” are expenses, anticipated and actuals so far this year (in parenthesis). “How We Make It Happen” are our recourses, both time and money. Of course, there are detailed spreadsheets available as a PDF download at the bottom of the page.


In our world, where power dominates, forcing us to compromise our values and our very existence,

we build community and create sacred space.

With compassion, love, and trust we imagine and create another way.

Through small and ordinary and extravagant ways
 we manifest the Beloved Kin-dom here and now.

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