Join Us

Join us Sundays at 5:00 pm

In-person and on Zoom

At Shepherd's Corner

1601 North Street SE Olympia, WA 98501 

More information about our Blended Gatherings and how to to join on Zoom.

“May I stay amazed for all of my days An

Each week we gather for community, friendship, and conversation to explore our faith and spirituality. For many of us church hasn't been a welcoming or safe place and so we use inclusive language and are aware that the words we use can be a trigger. We talk about God as Creator, Divine, Mother, and Universe. We share stories from the Biblical narrative, explore the insights for our lives today and we use poetry, storytelling, music, and art  for a good blend of non-traditional, 

traditional and creative. We're always casual,

as you come in grab a drink and relax.

No expectations, no limitations,

a community based on love.