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Questions to Ponder

We closed our Sunday Gathering with this poem by Rachel Richardson. I had to share it to ruminate in our minds this week.

Questions by Rachel Richardson

If there’s one true thing, it’s that 

Google will make money off us no matter what. 

If we want to know 

what percentage of America is white 

(as it seems we do) 

what percentage of the population is gay 

(as it seems we do) 

what percentage of the earth is water: 

the engine is ready for our desire. 

“The urgent snow is everywhere”

is a line by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and 

many have asked, apparently, 

where am I right now. Also 

when will I die. Do you love me 

may be up there, generating 

high cost-per-click, but not 

as high as how to make pancakes, 

what time is it in California. 

So many things I wanted to ask you, 

now that you’re gone, and your texts 

bounce back to me 

undeliverable. Praise to 

the goddess of the internet search, who returns 

with her basket of grain, 

67,000 helpful suggestions

to everything we request: 

how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, 

what to do when you’re bored, 

how old is the earth, 

how to clear cache, 

what animal am I, 

why do we dream, 

where are you now, come back.

Copyright © 2018 by Rachel Richardson. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on June 15, 2018, by the Academy of American Poets.


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