• Pastor Liz

Blended WildWood

580 days ago I sent an email with the news that WildWood would be moving to an online Zoom platform for a couple weeks. More than 80 weeks later we are beginning to return to our physical gathering space. I'm excited, anxious, and a little scared. Will we remember how to be together? How much have we all changed? Will this idea of WildWood Gathering still work after all these months? I am reminding myself that we will figure it out together, and I'm thankful to be figuring it out with all of you.

First the details. This is blended gathering, we will be both in person and on Zoom.

For those in the room in-person, we will gather in the lower level of the Shepards Corner building at Good Shephard Lutheran Church, 1601 North Street SE. You can enter through the doors on the upper level and come downstairs. If a flight of stairs presents a barrier for you let me know and we'll make sure you can enter at the lower level. Full vaccination is expected for all those who are eligible for the COVID vaccination. Kids under 11 who are not yet eligible for the vaccine are welcome. We will all wear masks at all times and we will keep physical distance between those who are outside of our households.

For those who will join us via Zoom, we will have a camera and large screen in the room so you can, hopefully, see and hear everyone, and we can see and hear you. The Zoom link to join us is the same as we have been using: https://bit.ly/WildWoodZoom. We hope to have full participation and blended integration as possible. The technology may take some finagling and we hope you will offer your insight, ideas and patience as we make it work. Our highest value in this is to make sure all of our community is safe, healthy and spiritually nourished.

This week, and for the next few weeks, we will be exploring the idea of gathering. What it means to gather, how gathering has changed over the last 580 days, and what we need from gatherings now. We will not rush back to what we have always done. There will be pieces that are familiar, but I hope that we can move forward fully accepting and integrating all that has happened.

I am so looking forward to seeing your masked or Zoomed faces.