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Moving on Up! (Again)

WildWood is on the move again. After a redesign at Gallery Boom changed our meeting space we spent the month of August enjoying "church in the wild" at Harry Fain's Park. We put our feet in the grass, we swung on the swings and we meditated under the canopy of giant trees. This fall, beginning September 2, we will settle into our new meeting space at True Self Yoga Studio located on Olympia's Westside. It is a lovely space with large windows looking out at the trees and letting in lots of light. It is a kid-friendly space, accessible for those with mobility limitations, has gender-neutral bathrooms, near a bus line, has access to outdoor space, ample parking, and they are excited to welcome us into their sacred space.

In July, as we were exploring what our next location needed, we reflected on the Hebrew people's tabernacle contraction as we talked about building our own "tabernacle". We will pick back up on this story and conversation as we build, create, and settle into this sacred space.

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