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Small Joys & Simple Pleasures

Updated: May 17

On Sunday, May 12, we used three art and prayer stations as guided mediations. Naming some simple pleasures, weaving our prayers together, and colorful reflection. I'm sharing a version of those stations for you to do at home.

Love is the best tonic for memory. When the name of the loved thing is pronounced, it soon rises up from the dead and appears alive, in our imagination.

He goes on,

I like the Bertolt Brecht poem, “Pleasures”. It has no rhymes or rhythm. It is a simple list of some of the things that made him happy. Colored shards in a stained glass window. The first morning's glance through the window. The old book, once again found. Faces filled with enthusiasm. Snow, the change of seasons. The newspaper. The dog. Taking a bath. Swimming. Old music. Comfortable shoes. Perceiving. New music. Writing, planting. Traveling. Singing. Being a friend.

Using the same format, Rubem Alves shares that his pleasures are similar. 

Waking up in the morning. A hot shower. Bach. The good smell of coffee. The sun just risen. Walking, eyes taking in the trees, the rain-wet grass,  the birds. Thoughts that come to me while walking. Planning my Zen garden. Music. Playing with my granddaughters. Memories. Books. Calvin.

Take some time to reflect and write.

What are your pleasures? 

Write a few or write a lot.

Share in the comments or on Social Media if you want.


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