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All-Community Meeting: Digest Version

We had a wonderful conversation during our All-Community Meeting on Sunday to talk about how we are doing and what should come next for our community as the county moves through phased re-opening. Thank you to all who shared your experience and insight as we navigate our way forward in this season of physical distancing. The sense of the conversation was that we will continue to meet online via Zoom for our Sunday evening gatherings for the foreseeable future. We will be online so WildWood will continue to be accessible to as many of us as possible. We will also be intentional about continuing to find ways to connect with, and support, each other. We will continue with Wee Little WildWood (also online for now), and talked about restarting WildWood's Book Club for Social Justice as a way to have important conversations. Many shared that they miss the creativity, sense of community and shared meals that have been a part of our in-person gatherings. Even so, being online through Zoom invites us into each other's homes in a unique way, and is much more accessible and is working well for most of us. We will continue to explore ways to tap into that missing creativity thought. We also talked about the WildWood Garden, which we started last year, and have the opportunity to continue this summer. For those who are interested and able, we will plan weekly times for gardening together, wearing masks, social distancing, in small groups. We'll start slow, see how it goes, let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns. Look for an announcement about our first opportunity to garden soon. As we continue to navigate these weeks and months of physical distancing, figuring out what our new reality is, it is a privilege and honor to do it with you all. If you were not able to be a part of the conversation of Sunday, reach out and let me know how you are doing and what you need. Let me know how we can support and encourage you.

We are in this together.




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