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Advent: These Holy Nights

It's easy to wish the long dark nights and short rainy days would pass quickly. We watch the horizon for any sign of morning light. We see the solstice as that turning point towards more light. We instinctively reach for the flashlight when the power goes out. When we’re young many of us develop a fear of the dark. A fear of what might happen in the dark, of what we can't see.

But, if we sit for a minute and wait for our eyes to adjust, what can we only see in the dark? What can we do on short and rainy days that we can't do on the sunny ones? How do we welcome These Holy Nights?

This is an oddly short Advent Season. Advent is the season leading up to Christmas marked by the four Sundays before Christmas. (No, it does’t usually start on December 1, unlike our chocolate calendars.) The way Christmas lands this year, the fourth Sunday before Christmas is ALSO Christmas Eve. (Say a prayer for your traditional church pastor-friends!) Wildwood doesn’t meet on Christmas Eve, so we only have three Advent Sundays with the third Sunday of Advent, December 17, the Very Queer Christmas Pageant. It’ll be a fast and festive few weeks!

Sundays at 4:00 pm
Two Advent Sundays, December 3 and 10
A Very Queer Christmas Pageant December 17

110 Eleventh Ave SE Olympia, WA 98501

at United Churches of Olympia

Enter through the main glass doors on Eleventh Ave.

We're either in the Chapel or the Sancturary

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