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A New, New Plan

Scratch last week's "new" plan.

As you might have heard Lu got COVID on a work trip last week and now I'm sick now too. So, the mini meet-ups planned for this week that I was so excited about are going to have to be rescheduled. 😒 I'll let you know dates later this week or next.

I could use some help this week watering the garden at the church. Last week I volunteered to help water the whole community garden while the head gardeners are out of town. It was no big deal last week, more complicated in actuality. Let me know if you could stop by and water later today (Tuesday) and/or Wednesday. It's best to do it earlier in the morning on later in the afternoon, once the sun is no longer directly on the plants.THANK YOU!

A reminder that we won't be gathering this Sunday, June 11, originally because of my daughter's dance recital and now because we're all sick. If you wanted to spend a little time Sunday afternoon in the WW garden there are a couple things you could do, just let me know. Queering the Bible will still begin on June 18, as planned. Talking about queerness...

Olympia Pride Festival will be July 1st, 10:30 am - 6:30 pm at the Port Plaza & Percival Landing. WildWood will have a booth, you need to come hang out and be our quirky and queer community! I'll let you know more details about the booth in a couple week, but save the date on your calendar. There will not be a parade this year, instead A Unity March for LGBTQIA2S+ Rights is planned for Saturday morning. "A peaceful demonstration aimed at promoting love, acceptance, and equal rights for the LGBTQIA2S+ community." I'm not sure how booth set up and marching will work, but I encourage (and will probably organize) WW group participation. How do you feel about shirts with our new Whole & Holy logo? Or hats? If you have any screen printing connections or experience let me know, or I will do a little research. Ok beloveds, stay healthy, enjoy the sun and we'll see you soon. 💜 Liz


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