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I’m angry friends. I’m heartbroken and angry. I am not ready to “get to work”. I am not ready to “dust myself off”. I am not ready to embrace the outcome and move on. But, let's be clear, I'm not angry because my candidate lost, I'm angry because the world is less safe than it was yesterday. I'm angry because, intended or not, bigoted demagoguery walked away the winner last night. In my sermon last Sunday, I asked how we would wake up on Wednesday and be a reflection of Divine light. I said; “The faith Jesus speaks of is a deep and radical trust, a trust in each person’s inherent divinity, a trust in the beloved Kingdom, a trust that regardless of what happens on Tuesday we are all humans, divinely created, beloved, and worthy of dignity and respect. It is a heart thing, a heart trust, a “pure in heart” trust. A trust that we are inextricably linked and we desperately need each other.”

I had no idea how true those words would be and how impossibly hard they would feel come Wednesday morning. I always knew that there was a possibility of a President-elect Trump, but I always believed that somehow our country was smarter than that. I trusted that our common good, our ground, our common humanity would prevail. Today I woke up afraid. Afraid for the high school students I meet with each week who experience bullying in their school and are fearful of what will happen when their personhood is questioned as public policy. I am afraid for the legal status and recognition of my marriage. I am afraid for the healthcare of so many. I am afraid for the lives of people of color, immigrants, refugees and Native American. I'm afraid for the safety of my friends, following Brexit hate crimes against LGBTQ+ people increased 147% and xenophobic hate crimes increased 58%.

I’m pissed that I allowed myself to be excited and giddy about witnessing the first woman president. I’m pissed that I bought champagne that will now go in the back of the cupboard and wait until the next time patriarchy is challenged. I am beyond heartbroken that in addition to the months of prolific misogyny, women of all ages had to witness the slamming door of sexism and patriarchy on a national scale, something we already experience personally on a regular basis.

Today, and this week, I will allow myself to sit in the anger, fear and heartbreak. I will create safe space for grief. And on Sunday WildWood will gather for lament and prayer. Then, we will get up and get to work.

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