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Queering the Bible
Sundays June 18 - July 16 (ish) at 4 pm
1601 North Street SE
(Good Shepard Lutheran Church)

Queering the Bible is is multifaceted, but is centralized on lifting and centralizing queer experience as a lens that bring unique insight to Biblical stories. It is also reading Biblical stories as stories about queer people. How is the story of Joseph and his dream coat different if Joseph is gay or trans? What changes for us if we interpret the "eunuch" as transgender or non-binary? What if Ruth and Naomi are lesbians making their way in a patriarchal cultural?  In queering the Bible we are taking away a layer of heteronormativity impressed upon sacred stories. It is one part of liberating our queer-selves from the oppressions of homophobia and heterosexism with in Christianity, and seeking the Divine within ourselves and our spiritual experiences.

All ages, all orientations, all religious traditions, whether you're a person of faith or have walked away from religion all together.

Exactly as you are and exactly as you are becoming, whole & holy.

The space is accessible for those in wheelchairs.

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