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A Very Queer Christmas Pageant
Sunday, December 18 • 4 - 5 pm
1601 North Street SE
(Good Shepard Lutheran Church)

WildWood’s annual Queer Christmas Pageant presents a story of rebellion, love, peace and queer joy.

Special host, Luna DeLyte (they/them) as Angel-GAY-briel.


This is not a Hallmark Christmas! It's the story of a brown-skinned, Middle Eastern young woman who gave birth to a baby whose own stories would queer a violent world of oppression. Christmas Carols (with updated inclusive lyrics!) and candlelit Silent Night.

All ages, all orientations, all religious traditions, whether you're a person of faith or no faith at all.

Exactly as you are and exactly as you are becoming, whole & holy.

The space is accessible for those in wheelchairs. Masking encouraged.

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