The inQUEERy Narwhal

August 10, 2017

Because we meet in an AMAZING bookstore I often come across some pretty wonderful books on Sundays. Not Quite Narwal, by Jessie Sima is one such book that I return to again and again to help articulate the struggle to hold and live into seemingly conflicting identities (like queer + Christian). I've read it during one of our Sunday Gatherings, I've taken it to camp, and I read it for our first inQUEERy gathering. 


Young Kelp realizes it don't quite fit in, and struggles to figure out if he is a land narwhal or a sea unicorn. Finally, with the support of his friends, he doesn't have to decide. Inspired by Kelp and the Gender Unicorn, my inQUEERY co-faclitator and I (and graphic designer friend Marc Burg) dreamed up a way to explore our gender, sexuality and spiritual identities together. Feel free to download and use, but please give credit where credit is due. 



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